Ken Ollis
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Ken appears on the following albums. Click on the covers for more info.

Ken Ollis
: "Confluence"    

Ken Ollis: drums and composition
Dave Fleschner: Hammond B3,  
    Fender Rhodes             
Willie Blair: bass
Lars Campbell: trombone
Tim Jensen: woodwinds

"Confluence" can be purchased safely, and securely, at 
CDBaby or on iTunes.

Paxselin Quartet: "Hollow Earth"

Pepe and the Bottle Blondes: "Pambrosia"

Tom Mcnalley Trio: "Tom McNalley Trio"

Michael Vlatkovich Tritet: "Queen Dynamo"

Chris Mosley:
 "Semi Somnus"

Jessica Schultz:

Marianna and the Baby Vamps: "I Don't Mind"

Dave Fleschner
: "At Home"

Dave Fleschner Trio
: "Live at McPeets!"

Jane Wright: "Southern Songs and Ballads"

Galen Fous: "Tangled in the Moon"

Chris Gabriel: "For the Better"

Miriam's Well: "Miriam's Well"

Annen Berg: "The Lower Orders"

Deep Roots 4 (w/Jane Wright)

Deep Roots 5 (w/Jane Wright)

Deep Roots 6 (w/Jane Wright)